Vehicle body repair typically falls into two categories, mechanical or bodywork, and is carried out either at your garage’s local body shop or by a mobile body work service. Body work repairs can include touching up paint work, mending scratches, removing dents, fixing bumper scuffs, and carrying out alloy wheel repair or replacement. Mechanical body repair is much more intensive and usually involves fixing the chassis of cars or vehicles damaged by accidents or collisions.

How do body shops remove dents?

Your body shop has a few different options when it comes to repairing a dented vehicle chassis. They can suck the dent out, using a special suction device, knock it out from inside using a reverse hammer, or they can use a fibre-glass filler to smooth it out so that it’s unnoticeable.

How do you repair a rusty car?

If your car’s body work is rusted, mechanics can repair the damage using one of two main techniques. They can grind it out, using a sander, or cut it out and replace it with a piece of fresh, undamaged metal. Any remaining flaws can then be polished up using a fibre-glass reinforced filler.

What is a bumper repair?

Repairing your car bumper includes removing the damaged part and then fixing it, or, if the damage is severe, replacing it with a new one. Fixing damaged plastic bumpers involves a process of grinding, sanding, and sculpting, and a paint job will usually also be required to make the repair work blend in seamlessly. To mend bumpers, body shops use either plastic repair materials, or special fillers that smooth over visible cracks or dents.

How much does it cost to repair a car?

Body work repair costs vary massively, depending on the type of work you need done. Small dents could cost you as little as £100 to remove, while a respray would typically cost at least twice that amount. If you need an intensive repair to fix damage caused by an accident or collision, like chassis realignment, expect to pay a lot more. However, you may be able to claim these costs back if your car insurance covers this.

Do I need to go to a garage to repair my bodywork?

Not, not if you can get a mobile mechanic to come out to you. You can use search portals like to find mobile mechanic services that serve your local area. Mobile body work repair services will come out to your home or location and fix your car’s bodywork without you having to visit a garage.