FAG Specialist Repairs

The abbreviation FAG stands for Fischers Aktiengesellschaft, a German parts manufacturer, specialising in components for high end vehicles such as Lamborghini, Chrysler, and Bentley. The FAG brand was founded by a German called Friedrich Fischer, who designed a ball mill that enabled the precise mass production of steel balls. These balls were used to make the rolling bearings that are still used today in many parts of a vehicle, from the engine peripherals, to the transmission, and driving axle units.

Since 2001, the brand has been a part of the Schaeffler Group, alongside LuK and INA. Certain luxury European vehicle’s systems can only be maintained or repaired by garages that have FAG approved technicians.

Why do I need a FAG specialist garage?

If you have a car that is manufactured with parts made by Schaeffler, you will need to get it repaired or maintained by a FAG approved technician to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. FAG approved mechanics will have the correct training and certification required to fit original parts that ensure your chassis repair is done correctly. They will also have access to all necessary components and accessories, to ensure a seamless repair.

What are the uses of rolling bearings?

Rolling bearings are typically used for axles because of their low rolling friction. Vehicles with lighter loads, like bicycles, normally use ball bearings but heavier load vehicles such as trucks, and vehicles that change dramatically during cornering, like cars, use rolling bearings for greater stability. These tapered rolling bearings are used to decrease the rotational friction between the vehicle and the road. They also help to provide support to axial and radial loads for better balance when changing speed or braking suddenly.

What parts do FAG garages repair or replace?

Depending on what vehicle you have, there are a variety of parts that may need to be maintained, repaired, or replaced by a FAG approved technician. These can include::

  • - Chassis components and systems
  • - Clutch and transmissions systems
  • - Engine components
  • - Drives for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • - Gearbox
  • - Drive Shaft
  • - Strut components
  • - Cooling systems
A mechanic who has been Schaeffler approved to supply and fit original FAG parts and components will have the training needed to install any needed components seamlessly, using original manufacturers parts. Only mechanics who have been approved by Schaeffler will be able to provide and install these components, so if you want to prolong the life of your vehicle and ensure a smooth, safe and comfortable drive, it’s important you go to a FAG Specialist garage. To find your local FAG Repairs Specialist, enter your location details at www.garagesnearme.co.uk or search via the downloadable app you can find on the Apple and Google Play stores.